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  • Material cannot be cleanly punched.
  • Currently unable to perform precision punching in trial and small lot production.
  • Currently unable to perform punching more easily and conveniently.

The“HANDHELD PUNCH for visual punching”from Nogamigiken Co., Ltd. will solve these problems!

For example... Punching work for lithium ion battery electrodes


Lithium ion battery research
— Punching coin battery electrode sheets —

Punches are used when prototyping coin-type lithium ion batteries, but there are problems during punching such as peeling of the electrode material (active material), appearance of burrs on the substrate, and inability to punch with satisfactory quality.
When using an ordinary punch...Burrs and peeling! With our HANDHELD PUNCH…No burrs or peeling!
The HANDHELD PUNCH cleanly punches thin foil materials, so punching can be done without any burrs or peeling of the electrode sheet on which the electrode material has been coated.


Measurement of amount of electrode material applied
to electrode sheet

When sampling for measurement amount of material applied to electrode sheet, part of the sheet is cut off by cutter and punched. Isn’t there a way to do punching work more efficiently?
Punching after cutting out with a cutter It is time-consuming... With our HANDHELD PUNCH… There is no need for cutting out with a cutter!Work can be done easily and trouble-free!Weight error of punching samples is less than 0.001g!Enables accurate measurement of amount of active material applied!
No need for cutting work, and punching can be done directly from the coating line!
Measurement of the applied amount of material can be done precisely and quickly.

Ultra-precise! Features of the Nogamigiken HANDHELD PUNCH

Outstanding sharpness

With outstanding sharpness achieved through ultra-precise finishing, the HANDHELD PUNCH enables clean punching without burrs or deformation. No minute fragments or other debris are produced, so there is no contamination (admixture of foreign matter).
This improves quality of the final product, increases testing precision and work efficiency, and reduces material loss.

Images for punching comparison

Competing product

Punching sizes can be ordered in 0.01mm units.
Please consult with us regarding odd shapes.

For the standard round and rectangular shaped products, size can be designated in 0.01mm units.
We can also handle other shapes. Please send us documentation indicating the desired shape.

Lightweight and compact for improved work efficiency!

The compact design is easy to handle, even in small or delicate hands.
(Weight of the tool body is approximately 200g and up.) Light weight is achieved through a design placing top priority on ease-of-work. The HANDHELD PUNCH is also ideal for doing punching work inside a glovebox.

Record of performance (by Nogami's HANDHELD PUNCH)

Thickness(mm) AI Cu Ni Stainless Steel MO AU PT PE PI PP PET FRP Ceramic Film
0.010~0.050 -
0.050~0.100 - - - -
0.100~0.150 - - - - - - - -
0.150~0.200 - - - - - - - - -

Photograph of punching performance

  • Porous sheet

    Porous sheet

    Nonwoven fabric: 0.05t
    Usage:Filter for liquid medicine

  • Thermoplastic resin

    Thermoplastic resin

    Polypropylene: 0.02t

  • Stainless steel

    Stainless steel

    Stainless steel wire mesh: 0.06t
    Wire diameter: 13mm
    Usage:Fuel cell

Nogamigiken Co., Ltd. World-class ultra-precise dies HANDHELD PUNCHfor visual punching

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The ultra-precise grinding and precision assembly technologies of Nogamigiken support the HANDHELD PUNCH

What makes the sharpness of the HANDHELD PUNCH possible is the ultra-precise grinding and precision assembly technologies which have been the core technologies of Nogamigiken since our founding. In particular, the HANDHELD PUNCH exploits ultra-precise grinding enabling parallel and orthogonal precision of 5/10,000mm and the know-how in precision blade fabrication we have cultivated in the more than 40 years since our founding. In this way, it enables punching—while minimizing burrs and deformation—of the previously difficult to punch materials such as thin foil materials, electrode sheets (cathode, anode, aluminum foil, copper foil), and separators.

The ultra-precise grinding and precision assembly technologies of Nogamigiken support the HANDHELD PUNCH

Voices of our customers

  • “Every year, batteries are improving in functionality and performance, and quality issues such as burrs have become a major problem for electrode materials. However, the HANDHELD PUNCH from Nogamigiken produces no burrs and retains its sharpness, and that has been a tremendous help in our research and development labs. We have about 20 of these punches in my department, and I recommend them to other researchers.”Production technology engineer, battery manufacturer
  • “Quality in terms of burrs and peeling is far superior to products made by other companies, and punching can be done with the same quality no matter who does the work. At our company, we do work inside gloveboxes, and the light weight of the tool is extremely helpful.”

    Engineer, automobile manufacturer
  • “The HANDHELD PUNCH from Nogamigiken has the same quality as a die, but is extremely inexpensive compared to a die, and that’s a great help. Thomson dies can be made inexpensively, but they can’t attain the quality of the HANDHELD PUNCH. These tools are inexpensive but high quality, so we have many of them with various shapes.”

    Researcher, energy laboratory
  • ich mo¨chte mich bei Ihnen ganz herzlich fu¨r Ihre Geduld und Ihre Bemu¨hungen bedanken, die es uns ermo¨glicht haben, die Handstanze bei Ihnen zu erwerben! Wir sind mit Ihrem Werkzeug sehr zufrieden, es ist ta¨glich im Einsatz und wir ko¨nnten es uns gar nicht mehr vorstellen, ohne die Stanze zu arbeiten.Wir wu¨nschen Ihnen fu¨r die Zukunft alles Gute und viel Erfolg bei der Erschliessung des deutschen Markts wir empfehlen Sie gerne weiter!

    “I would like to sincerely thank you for your patient support in helping us to smoothly adopt your company’s HANDHELD PUNCH. We are extremely satisfied with the HANDHELD PUNCH we purchased from you, and use it every day. We can no longer imagine a day without the HANDHELD PUNCH!
    Going forward, we wish you the best in successfully opening the market in Germany. We are very pleased with your product, and will spread the word about its excellent quality.

    University Researcher, Germany


At the 25th Awards for Outstanding New
Technologies and Products by Small and Medium
Enterprises, the HANDHELD PUNCH received an
Honorable Mention Award.
Award sponsored by: Resona Foundation for Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.

At the 25th Awards for Outstanding New Technologies and Products by Small and Medium Enterprises, the HANDHELD PUNCH received an Honorable Mention Award.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fabricate shapes other than round or rectangular?
Yes, we can also fabricate odd shapes. Please inquire for details.
We want to punch with a diameter of φ11.28. Can you fabricate such a punch?
Yes, we can. Sizes can be designated in 0.01mm units.
Is it possible to punch thick materials?
The HANDHELD PUNCH is a punching tool for thin materials, and maximum thickness is set to 0.2mm for resin films, and 0.1mm for metal foils. We may be able to make a proposal, depending on the material, so please inquire first using the following form.
How long does it take to receive the tool after it has been ordered?
Products are made based on the order, so the delivery period is about 4 weeks.
The period is 5 weeks or longer for custom orders.
Is it possible to punch multiple sizes with a single HANDHELD PUNCH by changing the punch?
The HANDHELD PUNCH is a precision tool, and thus its structure is not designed for changing punches.
We want to identify tools for each size.
A method of coloring the body with colored alumite for easy identification is available. (Optional)
What sort of routine maintenance should be done after purchase?
We recommend cleaning immediately after use. For details, please see the attached instructions.
Will there be any problem using the HANDHELD PUNCH outside of a cleanroom?
No. However, please refrain from use in environments with extreme temperature variation or high levels of dust.

Please inquire using the following form.

Feel free to take the first step by discussing your needs with us.

Form of inquiry (*indicates a must to answer)

Content of inquiry
Material to be punched


Thickness(units: mm)

Punching specifications

Desired punching size

Punching sizes can be designated in 0.01mm units For rectangular shapes, the minimum angle is R0.2. In the case of an odd shape, please attach a drawing or similar information using the following form.

Details of inquiry

Please describe the issue you would like to discuss in detail.
(Examples) Questions regarding the work environment, or required precision of punching, etc.

If you have drawings or pictures, please attach them here (JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF)


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