Punch Your Battery Materials Cleanly without Burrs or Peeling

Handheld Electrode Punch

Punching cathode and anode electrode materials
for prototype coin cell batteries,
Conducting precise area weight measurements
and sample processing for quality control ――

This is the standard tool that has supported
battery development worldwide for over 20 years.


Why NOGAMI’s Handheld Punch stand out

Overwhelming Processing Performance

No burrs, sagging, or peeling.
Standard tool with 20 years of experience.

High Usability

Light weight and compact.
Easy to punch out your material in the glovebox.

Durable and Long-lasting

Highly durable and long-lasting, trusted by users around the world.


Overwhelming Processing Performance

An anode example t=100 μm
Entire top view [ x20 ]
正極材 t=100μm 上面拡大(100倍)
An anode example t=100 μm
Top view of a certain part [ x100 ]
正極材 t=100μm 加工断面(1000倍)
An anode example t=100 μm
Cross sectional view [ x1000 ]
A cathode example t=220 μm
Entire top view [ x20 ]
A cathode example t=220 μm
Top view of a certain part [ x100 ]
A cathode example t= 220μm
Cross sectional view [ x500 ]
銅(Cu)箔 t=8μm_上面全体(20倍)
A copper foil example t=8 μm
Entire top view [ x20 ]
銅(Cu)箔 t=8μm_上面拡大(100倍)
A copper foil example t=8 μm
Top view of a certain part [ x100 ]
銅(Cu)箔 t=8μm_加工断面(2000倍)
A copper foil example t=8 μm
Cross sectional view [ x2000 ]


High Usability

Easy for Anyone

You can punch out and eject your material with one hand
while visually checking the processing position.

It achieves processing performance and robustness
far superior to large stationary jigs in a handy size
that anyone can use.

Also, in the Glove Box

The ultimate compact design allows smooth operation
in any work environment.

It doesn’t take up much space in the glove box,
and you can work with no stress even when wearing thick gloves.

You can choose from 4 colors for the lever of the handheld punch

Specifications Identifiable
at a Glance

You can choose from four lever colors:
silver, blue, red, and gold.

By assigning a unique lever color to each product specification,
you can easily identify parameters such as
punching diameters (Φ14 mm, Φ15 mm, Φ 16mm, etc.)
and punch-die clearances (4 μm, 3 μm, 2 μm, etc.).

How to use / Example of processing result check [1:23 silent]


Durable and Long-lasting

Durable Blades,
Less Likely to Wear Out

The smooth, precise movement without any play between
the upper and lower blades minimizes wear and tear
on the tool after repeated use.

Even in dry environments, regular greasing extends their lifespan.
Maintenance is an easy task with the included specialized grease.

Restoring Sharpness
by Resharpening

Even if the blade edge wears down,
its sharpness can be restored by resharpening.

Even if rust or corrosion occurs after several years of use,
It is possible to restore the product to its original condition
by replacing only the necessary parts.



Product Specifications

Punching shapeRound / Square (and Rectangular)
Punching SizeRound : Φ1.00 to 26.00 mm
Square : □1.00 to 22.00 mm
Opening* length45 mm (S-L) / 100 mm (For quality control)
Body MaterialHigh-strength aluminum alloy
Blade MaterialAlloy tool steel / Cemented carbide
Blade CoatingNone / Special coated

* Distance from the punch center to the end of the opening.

When the product arrives – Operation and quality check [1:39 silent]


User Testimonials


For Various Uses in Battery Development

Coin Cell Prototyping

Precision processing of cathode and anode electrode materials for coin cell battery prototypes

ハンドパンチ MLサイズ

Handheld Electrode Punch Φ14/15/16 mm

Φ14/15/16 mm (common sizes for this application) [always in stock]
or any other sizes you want

Active Material Weight Measurement

Reduce data variation by processing samples with constant area and weight

ハンドパンチ Mサイズ

Handheld Electrode Punch Φ10/11.28 mm

Φ10/11.28 mm (common sizes for this application) [always in stock]
or any other sizes you want

Quality control on mass production lines

Punching samples at a deep position from the side edge of the rolled material that is set on the mass production line

品質管理用 長尺ハンドパンチ

Handheld Electrode Punch F100mm for quality control

Long type with a length of 100 mm from the center of the punch to the edge of the opening
Any sizes you want [BTO]


Price Samples

  • Size S Φ1.00 to 5.00 mm (in increments of 1 mm) ¥338,000 JPY
  • Size M Φ6.00 to 9.00 mm (in increments of 1 mm) ¥367,000 JPY
  • Φ10.00 mm ¥343,000 JPY (Special price for common sizes)
  • Size ML Φ11.00 to 18.00 mm (in increments of 1 mm) ¥414,000 JPY
  • Φ14.00 / 15.00 / 16.00 mm ¥386,000 JPY (Special price for common sizes)
  • Size L Φ19.00 to 26.00 mm (in increments of 1 mm) ¥491,000 JPY

Please note that each price listed above is for the product only.
Shipping costs, banking commission, customs duties, etc. will be charged separately.

Frequently asked questions


Handheld Electrode Punch can only accommodate round shapes up to Φ26.00mm and square shapes up to 22.00mm.
For punching sizes larger than these, the desktop punching jig Clean Press can handle round shapes up to Φ50.00 mm and square shapes up to 50.00 x 70.00 mm.

Introducing CLEAN PRESS,
a desktop precision punching jig for electrodes [5:40 silent]

Round handheld punches with the following sizes can be delivered immediately. Please contact us using the form below for stock status.

Φ1.00 to 26.00 mm in 1 mm increments, Φ11.28 mm
*Clearance 4μm, alloy tool steel, no blade coating

For example, if you specify a punching diameter other than the above, such as Φ9.5 mm, or if you order a square handheld punch, the product will be build to order and the delivery time will be 5 weeks or longer. Please contact us for details.

Yes, we can lend you a demo machine (Φ10.00 mm, clearance 4μm specification) free of charge so that you can check the usability and processing quality of the Handheld Punch.

We have a service in which you can send your materials to us and have us carry out test processing (for a fee).
Our laboratory engineer will punch out your materials and compile a report, and then we will return the punched products and material scraps to you.

Yes, we have experience with successfully processing several types of all-solid-state battery materials in the past.

We also offer such tools as the punching jig and the cut surface finishing jig for cross-sectional observation samples, particularly for brittle materials that would be shattered by processing with handheld punches.

Please contact us using the form below with any information or questions you may have.

Yes, all of our products are priced in JPY (Japanese Yen), but we will quote the payment amount in US dollars or euros at the exchange rate at the time we receive your quote request.

We recommend periodic cleaning (greasing) depending on the frequency of use. A maintenance kit is included with the product. For usage instructions, please refer to the included instruction manual.

During use, if the sliding feeling is getting rougher and/or the lever becomes difficult to return by itself, please contact us immediately before things get worse.

The warranty period for each product is one year from the date of delivery.

The clearance (gap on one side) between the punch (upper blade) and die (lower blade) can be specified as 4 μm, 3 μm, or 2 μm to best-fit the material properties and required processing quality (*).

A judgement exemplified in specifications selection
Workpiece: Typical cathode/anode electrode material with the total thickness of 300 μm or less
Quality standard: “No burrs by visual inspection”
[Recommended specifications]
→ Clearance 4 μm

*All products in stock are 4 μm specifications. 3- and 2-μm specifications are build to order.

Yes, it is possible if it is related to secondary batteries or needs for advanced material development (such as ultra-precision sample preparation for cross-sectional observation).

Depending on your needs, we can also assign engineers to work with you on a problem-solving project. Please feel free to contact us.

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    * Minimum 0.2 mm

    Quality standards (OK/NG judgment method)