Elevate Battery Development with NOGAMI

From prototyping coin cells and laminate cells for electrode charge/discharge tests
to preparing samples for SEM observation,
we address the challenges of battery development with our tools
that provide unparalleled processing quality.


Why Battery Developers Worldwide Prefer NOGAMI

Unparalleled processing quality

Meeting the high-quality standards of battery development, we precision-process not only common positive and negative electrode materials but also challenging materials like silicon negatives.

High Usability

Our product design is driven by the on-site needs of battery development, such as the continuous processing of numerous samples for charge-discharge cycle testing, and/or operations within a glove box.

Durable and Long-lasting

Smooth sliding of the upper blade with no play, high rigidity that withstands long-term use.
High durability and a long lifespan, trusted by international users.


The de facto standard for secondary battery prototyping

Sales of 9,000 units worldwide Standard for precision
punching that continues to support secondary battery



Featured Product

Desktop Precision Punching Jig
Clean Press

Introducing Clean Press,
a desktop precision punching jig for electrodes [5:40 silent]

ハンドパンチ MLサイズ カラーバリエーション

Handheld Electrode punch
[Φ1-26mm / □1-22mm]


Handheld Electrode punch for Quality Control

ラミネートセル打抜き用カセット式金型 クリーンプレス

Desktop Precision Punching Jig Clean Press

断面観察用試料 打抜き治具

Ultra Precision Punching Jig
for Cross-sectional observation

断面観察用試料 仕上げ治具

Cut Surface Finishing Jig
for Cross-sectional observation

門型精密切断機 150mm

Electrode Cutting Jig
[W150mm / W250mm]


User Testimonials

Frequently asked questions


Round handheld punches with the following sizes can be delivered immediately. Please contact us using the form below for stock status.

Φ1.00 to 26.00 mm in 1 mm increments, Φ11.28 mm
*Clearance 4μm, alloy tool steel, no blade coating

For example, if you specify a punching diameter other than the above, such as Φ9.5 mm, or if you order a square handheld punch, the product will be build to order and the delivery time will be 5 weeks or longer. Please contact us for details.

Yes, we can lend you a demo machine (Φ10.00 mm, clearance 4μm specification) free of charge so that you can check the usability and processing quality of the Handheld Punch.

We have a service in which you can send your materials to us and have us carry out test processing (for a fee).
Our laboratory engineer will punch out your materials and compile a report, and then we will return the punched products and material scraps to you.

Yes, all of our products are priced in JPY (Japanese Yen), but we will quote the payment amount in US dollars or euros at the exchange rate at the time we receive your quote request.

The warranty period for each product is one year from the date of delivery.

Yes, it is possible if it is related to secondary batteries or needs for advanced material development (such as ultra-precision sample preparation for cross-sectional observation).

Depending on your needs, we can also assign engineers to work with you on a problem-solving project. Please feel free to contact us.

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